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Course curriculum

    1. BTFA July 2023 - Course schedule

    2. Course instructions

    3. Kick off introductions - Luciano

    4. Kick off intro's - Andy, Stephen, Crispin, Amanda, Bruno

    5. Intros - Mark & Alan

    1. The journey

    2. I controlled my world

    3. I improved processes and systems

    4. I improved strategy

    5. I developed culture

    6. But...where is the missing piece?

    7. I am falling apart

    1. Beliefs - Overview

    2. My beliefs change rapidly

    3. Can I trust my beliefs?

    4. Why do we defend our beliefs?

    5. What are beliefs from a neuroscience perspective?

    6. The brain is hard wired.. Really?

    7. Complex business language

    8. Sapphires - B


    10. B - OPTIONAL TOUR 1. The communication system in our body

    11. B - OPTIONAL TOUR 2. The wiring in our brain

    12. B - OPTIONAL TOUR 3. Beliefs are wiring patterns

    13. B - OPTIONAL TOUR 4. The wiring changes constantly

    14. B - OPTIONAL TOUR 5. How do we learn, why do we forget?

    15. B - OPTIONAL TOUR 6. Most beliefs work unconsciously

    1. Branched Scenario B1

    2. Branched Scenario B2

    1. Course slides

    2. Assignment

    3. Complementary reading

    4. Articles

    1. Thoughts - Overview

    2. I am aware of my thoughts

    3. I can change someone else's thoughts

    4. Is my dream real?

    5. Why do people have different opinions?

    6. Why do I have conflicting thoughts?

    7. Is my brain limited? - Selective attention

    8. Is my brain limited? - Filling in the blanks

    9. Is my brain limited? - Effect of emotions

    10. Is my brain limited? - Energy balance

    11. Is my brain limited? - Working memory capacity

    12. Is my brain limited?- Fallible long term memory

    13. Is my brain limited?- Consequences of the limitations

    14. I am intelligent

    15. I can control my brain

    16. But I'm in a hamster wheel!

    17. How can I get out, please?

    18. Sapphires - T

About this course

  • 104 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content

Schedule Details

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Director Levent Turk

Levent has over 30 years of hands-on, senior leader experience at TOYOTA, MAN, VW, Karsan, and Alstom., holding various positions including COO, Board member, and Director. At Toyota for 16 years in Japan, Turkey and Europe, Levent was GM of Production and Quality ahead of his appointment as Engineering and Purchasing Director, ultimately becoming Toyota 'TME Turkey' President. Double degree qualified with an MBA, Levent speaks 5 languages including fluent Japanese. Beyond Toyota, he has undertaken management roles in numerous turnarounds and transformations, acquiring best practice methods from some of the top performing OEMs in the world. He has strong expertise in designing, planning, implementing, and managing efficient and flexible operations. His approach to performance improvement is based on sustainable operational excellence through cultural development. Levent learned the Toyota Production System in Toyota Japan and implemented it in detail at established and greenfield European Toyota Plants. Using the knowledge gained, Levent has since managed two successive Lean Transformations at automotive OEM’s Karsan and MAN. In recent years Levent has run his own consulting, advisory and implementation practice, joining forces with Duxinaroe in 2020. Levent is currently advisor to the board at several automotive manufacturers. Levent published his first book ‘Operational Excellence and Respect’ in 2020 and is now leading the project to convert 'The Dux Method' and his own approach into the on-line training courses you can find here, at the Dux Academy.

Partner David Bovis

David has more than 30 years of industry and advisory experience supporting change initiatives from shop-floor to boardroom across Europe in organisations such as SMITHS, Bombardier, GEA, CNH, Aryzta, Yorkshire Water, AIRBUS and GKN. He has studied extensively to establish a deep understanding of the psychology and neuroscience required to affect a continuous improvement culture, culminating in models he has introduced to a range of organisations, affecting practical change. Results include reversing significant profit-drop and 'turnaround to profit', from loss making positions. The Dux Method, is the advanced approach to Leadership and organisational performance improvement he evolved over a 30 year career. Influence came from East and West manufacturing history, the evolution of Leadership 'best-practice', Eastern and Western philosophy, and psychology, ahead of the inclusion of the latest advances in neuroscience. This ‘neuroscience of change’ approach is now being introduced to a broad client base, at scale via this online course. An example of a global organisation whose transformation team have integrated the #BTFA model into every step of their change programme, with the support of their Global VP of transformation, ('ex Philips BV', Philip Holt), is GKN Aerospace. In recent years, David has presented his ideas and models to the AME (Association of Manufacturing Excellence), The World Manufacturing Forum and sits on the advisory board to two innovative leadership development projects, one focused on the use of advanced technology and the other focused on transformational leadership in the legal arena.