Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving (RCA & PS)

RCA &PS covers data capture methods, 5Y's, 5W1H and the CEDAC method. CEDAC utilises a fishbone diagram with 'cards' (post it notes) to ensure the exercise becomes a high energy interactive cross-functional team activity that delivers results - fast!


Build Brains - COMING SOON!

Brain change takes time. This course ensures the student understands the process of change and how to create the conditions in which brains adapt best when faced with organisational change.


Move Minds - COMING SOON!

The mind is active in change environments. This course ensures the student understands the main psychological barriers people rely upon when required to change... and how to create the conditions required to create a culture of change.


Create Culture - COMING SOON!

A positive culture delivers sustainable results to the top and bottom line in ways strategy, technology and process improvement can't hope to match. Our 4 step standard ensures creating culture is clear and practical for leaders at all levels.


The Psychology of Lean Manufacturing (PDF - Essay)

If you're thinking about Lean for the first time, or you've done it for 20 years ... if you've been successful or not - DO NOT do another thing until you've read this! THIS is the missing piece of the global lean puzzle we've all been waiting for!

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