The Psychology of Lean Manufacturing

An essay on the Human Factors involved in effective sustainable change within organisations.

Human Factors

Things change - people make a transition

The missing piece of the puzzle

I worked directly with Dr.Deming on his System of Profound Knowledge. Bovis has detailed what Deming could only allude to in the SoPK, before he passed.

Randy Schenkat - Author of Quality Connections

Fascinating, Amazing, Awe inspiring - the next big thing if only leaders can open their minds to the idea of changing the way we approach change in business. 

MH - Global OpEx lead at HP.

If i'd tried to tell me what was possible before the Dux training, I wouldn't have believed me!

Paul Lyons - Eurofilter

Brain and Mind

Behind everything we think, say and do!

Everything you write makes perfect sense and confirms every part of my EMEA Director experience. 

GR - Ex Honeywell EMEA Director

If only I knew this before I retired! This takes the things we learned through CAP to a completely different level!

AB - Ex Kimberly Clark Global Leader

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Part 2. Current State

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Part 3. Finding the Balance

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Part 4. Solutions

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About the author

David Bovis

David Bovis

Dux Designer

David has led a multitude of organisational performance improvement projects in commercial organisations across Europe for more than 25 years. He is a recognised voice in the lean community having mapped the latest science from the disciplines of psychology and neuroscience to the subject of ‘High-Performance Culture’.

David is a ‘Technical Authority’ on Japanese and Western Manufacturing History and principles, the Toyota Management System (Comprising TPS, TDS and TMSS), Hoshin Kanri, Culture change and Leadership. He has spoken on stage in Milan, Warsaw and London on the Psychology of Change at various Lean & OpEx events and has been published in 'The Lean Management Journal', the Chartered Quality Institute's ‘Quality World Magazine’, Cambridge University's ‘Performance and Measurement Association’ magazine and the SCiO – Viability Today magazine on Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations.

David is the founder of Duxinaroe and has been the leading mind behind the Dux Method which has been developed through more than 17 years of extensive research in the fields of psychology, philosophy and neuroscience.


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