Things change - people make a transition

The missing piece of the puzzle

I worked directly with Dr.Deming on his System of Profound Knowledge. Bovis has detailed what Deming could only allude to in the SoPK, before he passed.

Randy Schenkat - Author of Quality Connections

Fascinating, Amazing, Awe inspiring - the next big thing if only leaders can open their minds to the idea of changing the way we approach change in business. 

MH - Global OpEx lead at HP.

If i'd tried to tell me what was possible before the Dux training, I wouldn't have believed me!

Paul Lyons - Eurofilter

Brain and Mind

Behind everything we think, say and do!

Everything you write makes perfect sense and confirms every part of my EMEA Director experience. 

GR - Ex Honeywell EMEA Director

If only I knew this before I retired! This takes the things we learned through CAP to a completely different level!

AB - Ex Kimberly Clark Global Leader

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About the author

The Dux Method - Creator

David Bovis

David has more than 30 years of industry and advisory experience supporting change initiatives from shop-floor to boardroom across Europe in organisations such as SMITHS, Bombardier, GEA, CNH, Aryzta, Yorkshire Water, AIRBUS and GKN. He has studied extensively to establish a deep understanding of the psychology and neuroscience required to affect a continuous improvement culture, culminating in models he has introduced to a range of organisations, affecting practical change. Results include reversing significant profit-drop and 'turnaround to profit', from loss making positions. The Dux Method, his advanced approach to Leadership and organisational performance improvement evolved over a 30 year career, and recognised East and West manufacturing history, the development of Leadership 'best-practice', Eastern and Western philosophy, and psychology, before it integrated the facts from neuroscience to clearly explain the vagaries surrounding all of these disciplines. This ‘neuroscience of change’ approach is now being introduced to a broad client base, at scale. A good example is the global transformation team at GKN Aerospace, who adopted #BTFA into every stage of their change programme with the support of their Global VP of transformation, 'ex Philips BV', Philip Holt. In recent years, David has presented his ideas and models to the AME (Association of Manufacturing Excellence), The World Manufacturing Forum and STPIS seminars (Socio-Technical Perspectives on Information Technology). David has spoken on Servant Leadership at the Greenleaf conference and is on the advisory board to two innovative leadership development projects, one focused on the use of advanced technology and the other focused on transformational leadership in the legal arena.